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Flat cap designer to the stars Rhian Kempadoo-Millar has designed an exclusive range of Bronte-themed hats for Daisy Days ahead of the bicentenary celebrations of the literary siblings’ birth. The aptly-named Charlotte, Emily, Anne and Branwell flat caps will be exclusively sold at our boutique gift shop on Haworth’s Main Street and in our online shop www.daisy-days.co.uk.

We are holding a launch event on Saturday 23 April 2016, giving customers the opportunity to be amongst the first to try on the hats. A limited number will be available for sale in the shop and online on the day and we will also be taking orders in-store and via the website.


Rhian Kempadoo-Millar – Yorkshire flat cap designer to the stars!

Yorkshire-based British headwear brand Kempadoo Millar creates designer flat caps manufactured in Yorkshire at one of the few remaining cloth hat makers in the UK, tapping into the region’s fabric weaving heritage and the rising popularity for locally-produced, ethical fashion. TV shows like Downton Abbey and Peaky Blinders have also contributed to making flat caps into a fashion statement.

When she launched the brand in 2013, Rhian Kempadoo-Millar’s vision was to “put the Yorkshire cool back into the flat cap” with something that is “more funky than farmer”, combining traditional Yorkshire tweeds with hints of vibrant silk and quirky detailing. With celebrities including actor Idris Elba as her customers, she has built a cult following for her Yorkshire flat caps across the UK and in the US, taking regular orders from customers across the world via her online shop.


The Kempadoo-Millar Bronte flat cap range exclusively at Daisy Days Haworth

We love stocking locally-made, quirky brands and when we found out about Rhian’s flat caps, we knew they would go down well with our customers. When we met with her and got talking, the idea of doing an exclusive Bronte-themed range tied into the bicentenary celebrations came up and we all got very excited! We input into the designs by giving Rhian an insight into the personalities of the four Bronte siblings and then let her work her magic. The end result is amazing and we can’t wait to start selling them. We’re sure they are going to be hugely popular with locals from Haworth and surrounding areas, the many tourists we attract, and customers from across the UK who will be able to order them from our online shop. They will make a great addition to our themed window display for this year’s Haworth 1940s weekend on 13-15 May.

Rhian says of the collection: “The Charlotte Bronte hat, like its namesake, is chic and understated with a lilac check tweed and a pheasant pin detail. As the author of Wuthering Heights, we wanted the Emily Bronte hat to be more eccentric and romantic so went for a feminine pink tweed with a bow detail. The Anne Bronte hat has been designed as a unisex baker boy cap in earthy greens and browns to reflect the bleak moors in which the siblings lived, and the Branwell Bronte hat is a more masculine wool khaki baker boy cap. They look fantastic and make a great addition to my existing range. The fact that they will only be sold in Haworth gives them an even more authentic and local feel.”

The hats, which come in a range of sizes for men and women, will retail at £65 for the Charlotte, £68 for the Emily, £69 for the Anne and £69 for the Branwell. Alongside the flat cap range, we will also be stocking complementary brand ‘Yorkshire Lad’ tweed ties, which are also manufactured in a Yorkshire mill using local textiles.

Come along to the launch event or visit our online shop from 23 April to get your hands on your very own Bronte-themed designer flat cap!

Check out the event page on Facebook and invite your friends to come along!