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It’s a staple gift that everyone will have received at least once in their life … socks!  For some they may translate as a “I-didn’t-know-what-to-get-you-so-I-thought-I’d-play-it-safe” gift, but we think socks are far more than just a practical to keep your toes warm.

Socks can be an expression of personality as well as a way to add a little quirkiness to your outfit. And they don’t have to be boring – the right pair of socks can be a luxury item! Research shows that receivers of socks at Christmas are far from under-whelmed by them. In fact, they are often cited as a favourite gift.

We have a lovely collection of handmade, luxury socks at Daisy Days boutique gift shop in Haworth. Some have journeyed from Ireland and others are made right here in Yorkshire. Here’s a little bit of background to help you pick the perfect pair for your loved one this Christmas!

Avoca - Hill Knee Socks red+ceriseAvoca – Ah the luck of the Irish! Avoca’s colourful designs became the trademark for the company in the early days and it’s something which is very much still apparent today. Avoca have a sock for anyone; the Hill Knee Socks are ideal for the stylish hiker, Gosling Socks add a fanciful touch to any outfit and Pansy socks remind you of summer!

West Yorkshire Spinners - mens

West Yorkshire Spinners – Although these gorgeous patterned socks are made in Oxenhope just outside Keighley, the wool is actually sourced from Leicester – which we think makes them super special! The Bluefaced Leicester yarn is used to create the gorgeous patterns which are all named after different birds depending on their colours.


Solmate– Life’s too short for matching socks! Each pair are proudly knitted in the USA using recycled cotton and are bound to bring a smile to your day.

If you’re feeling extra creative, why not make a pair of socks for that someone special with locally-sourced Wyedean Weaving wool? The yarn is available from our shop in a charming variety of colours, pop in and see which catches your eye! If socks aren’t your thing, check out the other stocking filler gifts we have in our online shop.